Thursday, January 2, 2014

Organic Search Engine Optimization or Local SEO

A few of my long term clients are saying that organic rankings aren't as important anymore and they are pushing for local, local, local rankings for their business.


Yes, Local SEO Top FIVE rankings are KING if the person searching is actually looking for a local business, but if your business is Nationwide then Organic is still the KING of search for trusted sites.

Over the last several years of mastering or trying to master SEO, there are so many more obstacles for SEO Specialists to overcome.  We have pay per click advertising, Google Places advertising, Organic Search Engine Optimization and now Google+ pages with author pictures showing up which of course we all know that the stats show viewers will click on a picture so these are actually really important pages to optimize.  Even the Google Blogspot pages are showing up which is great.

This means so many different pages for an SEO Specialist to work on and build for the client.  The old days of just Organic search engine optimization is over.  It's a whole new playing field out there and yes, I believe I have this down and down well.

So don't just let any SEO Company talk you into hiring them.  Yes, they all say they can promise the world and specialize in a certain area of SEO but in reality to do it right, only hire one company or person that knows what it takes.  These people, like myself have had to work very hard to learn it all and have the years of experience to survive all the current changes and will stay on top of things for future SEO.

I offer SEO consulting and never promise anything.  My job is to just make your phone ring.  Simple as that.  I'm located in Sonoma County if you need a Local SEO Consultant, but I offer my SEO services Nationwide as well.