Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Google's Next Move on SEO Specialists

Are you prepared for the next SEO algorithm?   It's happening now and you should read up on all the tips you can to stay a float.

So far out of all the sites that I manage I was only hit by one...Penguin two years ago.  Just this week the site started ranking again.  What I did notice was one last effort I made, I put more links on the opening page that directed throughout the site.  Now keep in mind this was for an eCommerce site, which we all know is almost impossible to rank with normal SEO tricks.  But it's sticking so pretty excited about this.

Well it also was around the same time Google made its latest move with Panda and Penguin.  Hard to tell what brought it back but literally have been working on changes for almost two years.  Was a #1 online store for years until hit by Penguin.

I will update if I see anything on Google's next move.