Friday, October 16, 2015

THE702FIRM in Las Vegas SEO

This article is based on the SEO and web design that I have been doing for THE702FIRM going on 2 years now.  When I first accepted the job as webmaster and SEO specialist, I did not realize this site had been hacked before with several page links being used as spam from UK.  With that said the site was completely redesigned using a new template and no issues up until a week ago.

It all came about while making updates on THE702FIRM site, always trying to make improvements.  Well this time the site got hacked again because of a plugin I installed for the template.  Needless to say the site had to be redesigned again using a different template.  All seems to be fixed now.

So always be careful with plugins that you install.  They can even get past through the htaccess file.

I'm giving Swift Themes a try as they say they are fast, safe clean code and responsive.  They also have custom color functions for design which was great for me so I could keep the same color theme, for the Law Firm site. So far so good.  Clean code is key.  Also I went and deleted all the old templates and file that had to do with the old designs.  This is also important to do so no old bad code is lingering behind the page folders.