Saturday, February 14, 2015

Free Bail Bonds Las Vegas

Today I am going to tell my story about Free Bail Bonds SEO which I have been optimizing since 2008.  Free Bail Bonds Agency is located in Las Vegas, NV where there are over 200+ bail bonds companies within the Clark County Nevada lines.  It took about 2 years to get to the #1 position which then stayed #1 for years up until the last Google Algorithm.  Free Bail Bonds was sitting #1 in Local and Organic.  Now has moved down to #5 in Local and #3 in Organic rankings.  I cannot see a reason for this drop as everything is perfect on the site.  Fantastic website speed, good links, backlinks, anchor text, H1-H3 tags.  This has put doubts in the owners eyes about my ability to keep him #1 in the rankings.  I have asked him for fresh content and more social media help on his part but still after requesting this several times I have received no help with this.  In closing, I will continue to tweak the Free Bail Bonds website and Google+ page in hopes of some higher rankings and will post if any improvements.